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Start off 2021 in a way that’s personally transformative!  30 day Buddhist Meditation Challenge from January 16th to February 16th & beyond.

30-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE ~ the path to enlightenment in 30 days: half-hour guided meditations every morning for thirty days + two Saturday half-day courses to get you started and help you along the way:

Saturday, Jan. 16: 10 am – 1 pm: Meditation Challenge 1 – The Power to Change

Saturday, Jan. 23: 10 am – 1 pm: Meditation Challenge 2 – Letting Go of Worry


Session one: 10:00 – 11:15 am – Teaching with meditation

Session two: 11:45 am – 1:00 pm – Teaching with meditation

30 min. morning meditations:

Jan. 16: Included in the Half-Day Course “The Power to Change”

Jan. 17: Developing Inner Peace ~ A simple breathing meditation

Jan. 18: Pure Light ~ A transformative meditation

Jan. 19: Om Ah Hum Mantra ~ Meditation on the mantra of all the Buddhas

Jan. 20: Body of light ~ A special relaxing meditation

Jan. 21: Developing a Clear Mind ~ Meditation on the Clarity of the mind

Jan. 22: Connecting with our Heart ~ Meditation on the Root Mind

Jan. 23: Included in the Half-Day Course “Letting go of worry”

Jan. 24: Developing a loving Heart ~ Meditation on Cherishing others

Jan. 25: Taking away Suffering ~ Meditation on the practice of taking

Jan. 26: Giving Pure Happiness ~ Meditation on the practice of giving

Jan. 27: Appreciating our Good Fortune ~ Meditation on the Preciousness of our Human Life

Jan. 28: The meaning of our life ~ Meditation on Death and Impermanence

Jan. 29: Avoiding Future Suffering ~ Meditation on the Dangers of Lower Rebirth

Jan. 30: Finding Permanent Protection ~ Meditation on Going for Refuge

Jan. 31: Becoming a Pure Being ~ Meditation on Karma

Feb. 1: Developing a Wish for Liberation ~ Meditation on Renunciation

Feb. 2: Developing Emotional Symmetry ~ Meditation on Equanimity

Feb. 3: Feeling close to all living beings ~ Meditation on Recognizing that all living beings are our mothers

Feb. 4: Developing Gratitude ~ Meditation on the kindness of all living beings

Feb. 5: Equalizing Self & Others ~ Meditation on Equalizing Self & Others

Feb. 6: Recognizing our Real Enemy ~ Meditation on the faults of Self-Cherishing

Feb. 7: The Advantages of Cherishing Others ~ Meditation on the advantages of Cherishing Others

Feb. 8: Exchanging Self with Others ~ Meditation on Exchanging Self with Others

Feb. 9: Developing Great Compassion ~ Meditation on Great Compassion

Feb. 10: The Magical Practice of Taking ~ Meditation on Taking

Feb. 11: Wishing for Others to be Happy ~ Meditation on Wishing Love

Feb. 12: The Magical Practice of Giving ~ Meditation on Giving

Feb. 13: Developing the Supreme Good Heart ~ Meditation on Bodhichitta

Feb. 14: Abiding in an Ocean of Peace ~ Meditation on Tranquil Abiding

Feb. 15: Developing Wisdom ~ Meditation on Emptiness

Feb. 16: Following Wisdom ~ Meditation on Reliance upon the Spiritual Guide

Every year on New Year’s Eve, many of us resolve to change our lives and move in a better direction. Buddha taught that the method to improve our life is to improve our own mind – cultivating states of mind that produce happiness and avoiding those that result in unhappiness. The best method to do this is to train in meditation. Meditation makes our mind peaceful, and when our mind is peaceful, we are happy.

To help you start off 2021 in a way that’s personally transformative, we’re inviting you to take the 30 day Buddhist Meditation Challenge from January 16th to February 16th and beyond. What better way to begin 2021 than by cultivating the positive habit of a daily meditation practice!

Cost: Saturday courses $24 each or $40 for both; a month of guided meditations $40; Both courses AND the meditations $60 | No charge for Members (Only $50/month for membership. Click KMCC Members)

About the Teachers:

Yoann is a student on the Foundation Program and has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years. He is a sincere and committed practitioner who is known for his practical and kind-hearted approach to teaching Buddhism and meditation.

Gabrielle is the Education Program Coordinator for KMC Canada as well as a student on the Teacher Training Program. A sincere practitioner, she applies Buddha’s teachings in her daily life and transmits their usefulness in our daily lives. Her teachings are very practical and are flavoured with humour.

Please note: This event is open to anyone who would have booked to attend in person under normal pre-pandemic circumstances.

Please email registration@meditateintoronto.com with questions or difficulties booking.

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