Annual Retreats

Vajrasattva Retreat

November 19-23

We spend all our time and energy trying to avoid problems by making changes to our external world. However, our unhappiness and difficulties are not caused by the external world but are the result of the negative karma we have created in the past through our own harmful actions.

By relying upon Vajrasattva – the Buddha of purification, and practicing special meditations, we can free ourselves from all our negative karma. As a result, all our experiences will be positive, we will have a peaceful, pure mind and will easily remove obstacles to our spiritual development.

This will be a guided retreat.

Amitayus Retreat

Feb 1 | 2019

We all would like a long and healthy life but we need wisdom to see how to use our life in the most meaningful way. We also need merit, or good fortune, to give our mind the strength to support our spiritual development. We can develop these qualities by relying upon Amitayus, the Buddha of long life, merit and wisdom. We can also use this practice to help remove obstacles endangering the lives of others, especially our close friends and family

This will be a guided retreat.

Refuge Retreat

April 8-12 | 2019

During this retreat we will spend time developing the beautiful mind of refuge, our actual protection from pain and problems. Through practicing refuge, we gradually build a stable peace, joy and freedom within our own heart, giving us the confidence and strength to make authentic spiritual progress that we can then share with others.

This will be guided retreat.

Nyungnay Purifying Ritual Practice

Apr 12-13 | 2019

This purification and fasting retreat, or Nyungne, is a special ritual practice in conjunction with prayers to the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, using the sadhana Drop of Essential Nectar. The retreat involves two days of fasting and prostrations and is a very powerful method for purifying negative karma, pacifying strong delusions, receiving blessings, and increasing our love, compassion and bodhichitta.

Guru Yoga and Mandala Offering Retreat

June 24-28 and July 15-19 | 2019

We all wish for spiritual realizations, but these depend upon creating certain inner conditions such as purifying negativity, accumulating merit, and receiving blessings.

In this guided retreat we focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit, or positive energy, by making mandala offerings and receiving blessings by engaging in Guru Yoga practice. This is a special practice that enables us to strengthen our connection with our Spiritual Guide.

Lamrim Retreat
August 26-30 | 2019

The Lamrim, or Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, is a special condensation of all of Buddha’s teachings. Arranged in the sequence in which they are to be realized, these meditations guide the practitioner along the path by developing their inner peace, compassion and wisdom.

By developing an understanding and familiarity with these meditations we will enjoy a special experience of peace and fulfillment that comes from a spiritually meaningful life. Ultimately Lamrim meditations will give rise to a complete transformation of our mind through the power of wisdom and compassion.

This is a guided retreat.