Seize the day: a Buddhist perspective on death & dying

A half-day urban retreat

Date: Saturday, April 27

Time: 10am – 1 pm

Cost: $25 (free for members)

Location: Kadampa Meditation Centre, 631 Crawford St., Toronto, M6G 3K1

About the Course

One of the few certainties in life is death!

If death were the end of our problems, we would not need to be so concerned. But, as Buddha taught, for as long as we remain ordinary beings, one life is followed by another as surely as day is followed by night.

Despite the inevitability of our death and the complete uncertainty of its time or manner, few of us give it a moment’s thought until it is too late. Given that many future lives lie ahead and that these will be shaped by our actions in our current and previous lives, it does not pay to die unprepared.

In this course, we will learn some of Buddha’s wisdom about preparing for the end of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Course Schedule

10:00-11:15am | Teaching with Guided Meditation

11:15-11:45am | Coffee/tea Break

11:45am-1:00pm | Teaching with Guided Meditation