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Suitable for everyone, these classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.

Wisdom Advice for a Happy Life

Tuesday Morning Live-streamed Buddhist Meditation Classes

Time: 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Cost: $12 per class – No charge for Members (Only $50/month for membership. Click KMCC Members for more information).

Where: Live-streamed from Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada

In his precious text, Advice from Atisha’s Heart, the great Indian Master, Atisha, the founder of Kadampa Buddhism, explains how to apply Buddha’s teachings to everyday life. Over the next two months, we will learn how this ancient wisdom can be applied to our busy modern lives and how, by sincerely applying Atisha’s advice, we can create a happy, meaningful life.

Jan. 12 – Atisha’s advice: Tame your own mind

” Since you cannot tame the mind of others until you have tamed your own mind, begin by taming your own mind. ”

Meditation: Clear mind

Jan. 19 – Atisha’s advice: Cherishing love

” See all living beings as your father or mother, and love them as if you were their child. ”

Meditation: Pure love

Jan. 26 – Atisha’s advice: Abandon jealousy

” Do not be jealous of others’ good qualities, but out of admiration adopt them yourself. ”

Meditation: The disadvantages of jealousy

This class uses Prayers for Meditation. You can get a copy of this booklet from our online shop.

Please note: This class is open to anyone who would have booked to attend in person under normal pre-pandemic circumstances.

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