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Suitable for everyone, these classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Cost: $12 per class – free for KMCC members

The Great Buddhist Master Shantideva said: ”Although living beings want to be free from suffering, they run straight towards the causes of suffering and although they wish for happiness, out of ignorance, they destroy it like a foe.”

Happiness and suffering are states of mind; therefore, their real source is also within the mind. If we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must transform our mind. We can do this with meditation.

This class offers a new series following the book The New Meditation Handbook, by our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.


November 4: Realizing impermanence

We all know that one day we are going to die. But everyday we think: This won’t be the day. This thought is deceptive because it holds us back from fully engaging with the real purpose of our life. By understanding this our life become more meaningful.

Meditation on impermanence

November 11: The wisdom to avoid future suffering

The reality of future lives is a basic Buddhist view and all those lives may not be pleasant, depending upon our actions. Knowing this, is wisdom and motivates us to generate the wish to avoid future suffering.

Meditation on the dangers of lower rebirth

November 18: Receiving powerful protection

Refuge is the container that holds all of our practices. Without refuge, we would not be Buddhists. In this class, we will come to understand the importance of refuge, which means seeking protection from lower rebirth in particular, and suffering in general.

Meditation on going for refuge

November 25: Actions and their effects

Karma is a widely used word today but in Buddhism, this word has a very specific meaning. The better we understand the workings of karma, the better we are positioned to take control over our lives.

Meditation on distinguishing skillful actions from unskillful actions

This class uses Prayers for Meditation.

Booking closes 1/2 hour before class begins. A link to the live stream will be emailed approx. 20 minutes before class.

Pls. note: These classes are for people living in the Greater Toronto Area. Not living in the GTA? Click here to find a live-streaming class near you.

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