Suitable for everyone, these walk-in classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.


Series description & details

Purifying Our Mind

In this series, based on the book The New Eight Steps of Happiness, we will learn the actual methods for purifying the mind. These powerful and joyful methods, that come from Buddha’s teachings, bring about deep healing in our hearts, washing our mind clean of the stains of the past. Through guided meditations, teachings and discussion the teacher will emphasize the integration of these profound tools into our daily lives.

Class Dates

Nov. 7 – Creating a Pure World

Nov. 14 – Why we need to Purify

Nov. 21 – How to Purify

Nov. 28 – The Power of Purification

December: Understanding the Mind, Part 1

Our mind’s true nature is like a clear sky, but so often it’s clouded by our busy, uncontrolled (and sometimes negative) thoughts. Learn how you can experience the inner peace and joy of a clear mind through Buddha’s teachings and simple meditations.

Class Dates

Dec 5 – What is the Mind?

Dec 12 – Understanding the Mind

Dec 19 – The Power of the Mind

January: Understanding the Mind, Part 2


Class Dates

Jan 9 – The Buddhist practice of Non-harmfulness

Jan 16 –  The real meaning of human life

Jan 23 – Overcoming laziness 

Jan 30 – How to go for Refuge


“Going to the meditation classes regularly has literally changed my life. Meditation has helped me examine the way I think and react to the circumstances of my daily life. It has helped me change for the better.”


“Attending the Centre reminds me of how I can improve myself and fulfil my potential. I also just generally enjoy being around other kind people.”


“I benefit from every class that I attend. For me this has become a lifelong commitment, to stop thinking about me, and think about how I can benefit others.”