Suitable for everyone, these walk-in classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.


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Anxiety and stress are increasingly common problems for people in our busy, modern world. Meditation is an effective way to deal with negative states of mind and create a sense of peace and mental freedom.

Sept. 4 – Overcoming Anxiety

Sept. 11 – Getting Your Life in Context

Sept. 18 – Seven Keys to Happiness

Sept. 25 – Meaningful Meditations


Anger is a destructive and unpleasant mind that can cause great problems for ourself and our loved ones. Patience, on the other hand, helps us to deal with life’s difficulties in a calm and peaceful manner and can improve our relationships with our friends, family and work colleagues. Come along to the Buddhist Centre and enjoy teachings and guided meditations which help us to develop a real and lasting inner peace.

Oct. 2 – What’s Wrong With Getting Angry?

Oct. 9 – Why We Get Angry

Oct. 16 – Learn to Accept Suffering

Oct. 23 – Learn Not to Retaliate

Oct. 30 – Learn Not to Retaliate 2


Through this meditation practice, we can swiftly eliminate all the negativity from our mind and allow its natural purity to shine through. With a pure mind, we will free ourself from the negativity in our life, enter into a world of purity and come to experience a deep inner peace and lasting happiness.

Nov. 6 –  How Our Thoughts Create Our World

Nov. 13 – Positive Thinking

Nov. 20 – The Power Behind the Truth

Nov. 27 – Rewiring Our Mind


Our mind’s true nature is like a clear sky, but so often it’s clouded by our busy, uncontrolled (and sometimes negative) thoughts. Learn how you can experience the inner peace and joy of a clear mind through Buddha’s teachings and simple meditations.

Dec. 4 – What is the Mind?

Dec. 11 – The Power of the Mind

Dec. 18 – Training the Mind


“Going to the meditation classes regularly has literally changed my life. Meditation has helped me examine the way I think and react to the circumstances of my daily life. It has helped me change for the better.”


“Kadampa continues to transform my life, from “doing”, to simply…”being”.


“Attending the Centre reminds me of how I can improve myself and fulfil my potential. I also just generally enjoy being around other kind people.”