Day: Tuesday Evening

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Teacher: Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab when his International teaching schedule permits

Cost: $12 per class or 4 classes for $40 | Free for Members

Where: 631 Crawford Street, Toronto


Series description & details

Suitable for everyone, these walk-in classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and Buddhist teachings.

Each month meditation classes will address a particular theme and give practical solutions to solve our daily problems.  These popular classes are for anyone, both beginners and regular visitors – everybody welcome!

How to Transform Your Life

September: Letting Go of Anxiety

Anxiety can be either a mild or a  debilitating experience and everyone suffers it from time to time.  This month we look at easy meditation techniques to develop and maintain our inner peace, the antidote to anxiety and the source of all happiness.

Sept. 18 – Living Lightly

Sept. 25 – Enjoy the Blissful Journey

How to Solve Our Human Problems

October: Dealing with Anger

Anger is a massive interference with our mental balance.  This month we look at how to break the habits of a lifetime and remain calm, cool, and collected in the face of provocative situations.

Oct. 2 – Experience Release

Oct. 9 – The Beauty of Patience

Oct. 16 – Mindful Living

Oct. 23 – Patience with Wisdom (1)

Oct. 30 – Patience with Wisdom (2)

Eight Steps to Happiness

November: Purity and Simplicity

When our mind is free from negative thoughts and attitudes our life feels joyful and uplifted.  This month we will explore how to keep a peaceful, pure mind even when surrounded by the challenges of our modern world.

Nov. 6 –  Pure mind, Pure world

Nov. 13 – Abandoning Negativity

Nov. 20 – Embracing Impermanence

Nov. 27 – Unwind the Mind

December: How to Understand the Mind

The mind itself is the source of our peace and happiness and also our worries and problems.  By understanding more about how our own mind works, we can begin to gain control over our life and prepare for the year ahead.

Dec. 4 – Clarity of the Mind

Dec. 11 – Purity of the Mind

Dec. 18 – How to be Content

“Going to the meditation classes regularly has literally changed my life. Meditation has helped me examine the way I think and react to the circumstances of my daily life. It has helped me change for the better.”


“It is difficult for me to put in words what Kadampa meditation has brought to my life. It has been a life-changing experience, bringing inner peace and truthful happiness, a beautiful journey.”


“I benefit from every class that I attend. For me this has become a lifelong commitment, to stop thinking about me, and think about how I can benefit others.”